As part of the ongoing research projects at the chair, bachelor and master theses always are to be assigned.

Below you find some running and open theses. If you are interested, please contact the given person or ask for other possible theses.

Current theses:

State Title Typ Contact person
running Entwurf eines FPGA Beschleunigers zur quantitativen Bewertung von Deep-Learning Algorithmen M.Sc. Arne Heittmann
open The impact of reliability of CMOS circuits on the performance of deep neural networks (DNN) M.Sc. Arne Heittmann
open Low-Voltage SRAM Design Optimization under Process Variations M.Sc. Xin Fan
open Dedicated Hardware Implementation for Convolutional Neural Networks M.Sc. Cecilia Höffler
Johnson Loh
open Cryptographic Engines Design for Mobile Applications diverse Xin Fan
open Automated Design Space Exploration and Buffer Tree Optimization diverse Michael Gansen
Johnson Loh
open Development of a self-learning Braitenberg Vehicle diverse Kevin Kauth