The seminar this semester with the title "Selected Topics on the Hardware Implementation of Neural Networks" will focus on " Neuromorphic Architectures - A Feasibility Study for Real-Time Edge Computing".


The concept of "Neuromorphic Computing" describes a multi-disciplinary area that deals with the development of neural systems and targets to improve conventional methods from the field of machine learning. By adapting biologically inspired / realistic concepts, systems are derived, which will inherit the cognitive abilities and energy efficiency of their inspiration - the human brain. The seminar focuses on the state-of-the-art identifying state-of-the-art methods and evaluate / critically question the viability of those in the context of practicality and application contexts.

In this semester, the challenges are investigated, which arise in a practical utilization of neuromorphic systems for biosignal monitoring. Especially, with the rising popularity of "wearable devices" it needs to be clearified, if these algorithms and their specialized hardware components are natively applicable in embedded systems or how much overhead is necessary for a proper integration.

The topical areas covered in this semester target diverse design principles and accelerators from the state-of-the-art, which are investigated in-depth and critically evaluated.

Further details and additional topics will be announced in the introduction session.


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Registration is possible via RWTH Online.

For capacity reasons, the number of participants for this seminar is limited to 8.


Preliminary information on the seminar in WS 22/23 is held on 11/10/2022, 9:00 a.m. at seminar room UMIC 024 (2165|024)

Access data for the videoconference in case of online or hybrid mode will be announced in RWTH-Moodle or via e-mail. Participation in this preliminary meeting is mandatory.

Group sessions

During the semester, there will be 6 discussion sessions at 2-week intervals. The exact form and dates will be announced in RWTH-Moodle. Attendance at 5 out of 6 dates is mandatory.


For the certificate a written paper and a final presentation have to be given. The presentations will take place at 24/01/2023 from 9:00 am. Participation in all presentations is mandatory.


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